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Tiny Trailer House

Tiny Trailer House

Picture coming soon.

This is the Tiny Trailer House I completed in April 2011.

The Tiny Trailer House was a project that took almost 2 years to complete. I had to do a lot of research on construction methods and information available on tiny houses. I began with a Big Tex 10 CC trailer as the base. The house is bolted to the frame for traveling, and can be removed in the future if need be.

The house is 8x16 for a total of 128 square feet. It features a sleeping loft, a shower, composting toilet, a refrigerator, along with the cabinets, oven, sink and table set up like in any trailer.

You can see the virtual tour of the trailer before it was complete at the following links:

Part 1 of the tiny trailer house tour

Part 2 of the tiny trailer house tour

Part 3 of the tiny trailer house tour

Part 4 of the tiny trailer house tour

I will be traveling with this trailer to Quartzsite, Arizona in December 2011. Be sure to wave if you see it along the way.

Last Updated: December 1 2011