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Solar Generator Cart


This Solar Generator Cart was completed in September 2011.

This is the SolGen 160, a Solar Generator cart that I built in September 2011. The cart consists of two 80 watt solar panels, a 30 amp solar charge controller, one 210 amp deep cycle marine battery, and an 1100 watt power inverter.

The SolGen 160 is designed to provide power to my trailer house. It also functions as a portable power station for working in places without electricity. 

The SolGen 160 has appeared on several blogs since I built it. 

Tiny House Blog - Building a Solar Generator

Tiny House Listings - Building a Solar Generator on Wheels (includes a video of the build)

Tree Hugger - How to Build a Solar Generator on Wheels 

I will take this cart along in my travels in the tiny trailer house. It will be tested to see if the design can be refined and improved on before building them or offering plans for sale.

Last Updated: December 1 2011