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September 2007 Newsletter

Brooks Woodworks Newsletter                                                                         September  2007 ____________________________________________________________________________________


Well, September has already come and gone.  The nice warm days, and cool nights were great.  The kids have returned to school, and the pool parties are now over.  And what is happening to our daylight?  Those long days in June and July have given way to shorter days.  What does it all mean?  Fall has officially arrived and is here to stay.

The weather this time of year makes it a great time to be In the shop.  The days are warm and sunny, but the temperature in the shop stays nice and cool.  All the plants are still green, and yet there is a hint of what is to come soon.  While the work may pause for a moment, it does not stop.  I completed a couple of projects, and have several in various stages of completion.  I also designed the major project for October, a TV stand to match an existing entertainment center.  Sometimes I almost feel like Norm Abrams, except without the TV show and the large shop. 

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So, stay tuned for how to build this project on...oh wait, that is not my line.


Shop Notes

The first project completed this month was a Maple and Purple Heart Cutting Board.  A few months ago, someone suggested I should make a cutting board.  As I had the time this month, I decided now was the time.  I found a piece of Maple that was left over from a previous project I built.  This maple block looked great just by itself.  However, being a woodworker, I could not simply sand and finish the wood as it was.  I looked around and found a piece of purpleheart that was almost the same size as the maple.  I decided to make a Chess Board from this wood, but had enough for two projects.  And so, the cutting board was born.  I cut the wood into strips, and glued them together.  Once dry, I sanded the board smooth, and rounded over the edges.  I applied five coats of food-safe mineral oil to the board to complete the project.   The mineral oil brought out the deep purple and rich maple colors nicely.

The second completed project was the Counter Top Wine Rack.  This wine rack was modeled after one I found in an old woodworking book.  I changed the dimensions slightly, and left off the back for a more open and inviting look.  The wine rack is made out of Red Oak, with a urethane finish and no stain.  The most difficult part of the project was shaping the sides and then sanding the curves.  Overall, this project came out really well.

Remember that Chess Board I was talking about earlier?  As you might have guessed by now, it is made with Maple and Purpleheart as well.  I have completed work on the board, and now just need to apply the finish.  I expect to have this completed by the time the next newsletter goes out.

Besides the Chess Board, I also completed work on a shoe bench.  The bench allows me to change my shoes after mowing the lawns or working in the shop, and then store them underneath.  The design is similar to the Potting Table that I completed last month.  As with the Chess Board, I need to apply the finish to complete this project.

A fifth project that is almost complete is a DVD storage box.  This DVD box is similar to the Candle Box I previously built, but with a few changes.  The box features a sliding top that is level with the sides of the box, and dovetail joints on the sides.  These changes make for an interesting looking box.  I am applying the finish now, and will add pictures to the website in time for the next newsletter.

The last project for September will actually be completed in October.  A customer had a projection TV, and an existing entertainment center.  They bought a new HD TV, and decided the TV stand that came with the set was not what they wanted.  The new TV stand will match their entertainment center with matching doors and drawers.  Be looking for more information next month on how this project is going.

As I look ahead to the next few months, I have a few other projects I will be working on:  A few more picture frames for pre-stretched canvas'.  A planter box and Adirondack Chair for outside.  Another cutting board or two.  All that, and some Christmas presents too!

Keep watching this newsletter for updates on all of these projects.


The Cutting Board and Counter Top Wine Rack are complete and posted on the web site.

The Chess Board, Shoe Bench, and DVD Storage Box will be posted soon.

Be sure to check our web site for pictures of all the items built to date.


Now that I have completed a cutting board, I am looking at the other items on my list.  I will be 
working on some more picture frames for pre-stretched canvas'.  I also have a nice planter box plan that I want to do, as well as an Adirondack Chair.  All of that, and Christmas presents as well.   I guess I better be heading back to the shop......

If you have any additional product recommendations, send your suggestions to  Hopefully, I can build some of these dream items in 2007.


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Until next month, stay well and enjoy.



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Last Updated: Friday September 28 2007