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Brooks Woodworks Newsletter                                                                       October 2006 _____________________________________________________________________________________

In California, October is a month of transition. You can feel the warm of the sun, and yet the nights are cool. The days are growing shorter, and are still mostly sunny. It is the end of the harvest season, but the work is not quite complete. And somewhere along the way, you realize that things have begun to change. This is also true in the shop. You begin the day with a sweatshirt on, and then soon remove it soon after starting . As soon as a project ends, another begins. And along the way you realize how great it is to be working this way. That is, until the Christmas rush begins!

Shop Notes

The maple pub table has been completed, The table turned out nice, with a blond maple top, and black enamel legs.. Pictures of this table will be posted to our web site in a few days.

The work has already begun on the Oak and Oak Plywood entry bench. This bench will feature a storage area with raised panels. It will be somewhat of a Mission style, with some slightly rounded corners. This should be completed by December.

The wall bed design is still being finalized. Work will start in early November.

In 2007, our first scheduled projects include one or two different tables, and an Adirondack chair. Details about this projects will appear in this newsletter as the time gets closer.


Since we have been busy on several projects, no new products have been added yet. However, research has begun on items for spring 2007. More details will follow during the next few months. In the meantime, be sure to check our web site for pictures of all the items built to date.

We delivered a couple of Carry-Alls to a customer in October who had an interesting idea for them. Instead of using these to carry items, they would server as planters. What a great idea as an additional use for these boxes!

If you have any new product recommendations, you can send them to . Hopefully, we will be able to build some of these items in 2007.


As always, we like to thank you for reading our newsletter. If you have any suggestions on items you would like to see added to the newsletter, please let us know at

Until next month, stay well and enjoy.



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Last Updated: Sunday November 5, 2006