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Brooks Woodworks Newsletter                                                                         July  2007 _____________________________________________________________________________________


July has been living up to its normal reputation.  It started out as hot as a lit sparkler during the first few days.  Then, the heat went down and the summer time fun began.  In California, those long, sunny days with cooler nights prevailed.  While a few days have been scorchers, these have been nothing like last year's run.  Instead, they have been warm enough to remind us why we like summer, but not so hot as to get out and do things.

In the shop, things have been moving along like a pot on slow simmer.  Life in the shop has been good.  I completed the two end tables I was working on, as well as the small cabinet for holding a PC.  As the month draws to a close, I spent a little time working on a few smaller items to add to our collection.  These include a small box with stacked drawers, and a prototype of a picture frame.  I also was asked by a customer to build a type of outdoor table to compliment their bar-b-que area.  

While July is almost over, it is not too late to use the term "Christmas in July" for our new products.  We have added several new pens to our collection, as well as a few other items like small Christmas ornaments, and key rings.  You will find more about these new items below.  These items should make excellent gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Graduations, or other special occasions. 

On a final note, I would like to ask a favor of each of you out there.  If you enjoy reading this newsletter, please forward it to a friend.  Hopefully, they will enjoy it so much that they will want to sign up to receive it as well.  I hope we can double the number of newsletter subscribers by the end of this year.

In the meantime, let's see some woodworking.

Shop Notes

As I mentioned last month, I was asked to build a set of end tables and a small cabinet for a customer.  The end tables were based on one that I did for the Thorsen Table Challenge on,  I was asked to make a matching set of tables, with the same mission-style look, but with solid table tops.  These Solid Top End Tables are made out of Red Oak, and feature a semi-gloss urethane finish to provide durability and accent the wood.  The base of these tables is slightly larger than the one I previously did, while the top is still 16 inches square.  This creates just a small overhang on the table edge, and allows it to be placed close to customer's sofa. 

The PC cabinet was built to match the style of the customer's existing desk.  The cabinet features an Oak and Oak plywood construction, with a satin urethane finish.  This cabinet edges are rounded to capture the same style as the desk.  There is a single shelf inside to hold the bass speaker for the PC.  The customer was please that I was able to match the desk style so well.

Besides these pieces, I have also been working on a small box with stacked drawers.  This should be completed in time for the next newsletter.  Looking ahead, I will next be working on a table for outside.  The initial design is based on the potting tables used by gardeners.  This may change depending on the features the customer wants on this piece.  In between these projects, I will squeeze in some time to work on picture frames.  The addition of picture frames will help complete my line of artist related items.  Keep watching this newsletter for updates on all of these projects.


The Solid Top End Tables are now complete and posted on the web site.

The PC cabinet was also completed, and pictures will be posted shortly.

The Brooks Woodworks line of turned items has been expanded once again.  We now have several more pens, as well as key rings, Christmas ornaments, plumb bob, and bottle stoppers.  Some of these items are one of a kind, like the oil lamps, while others are regular product items like the El Grande, Soft Grip and Sierra Pens.  However, if there is something you like, please let me know.  We can customize these items with different woods, different styles for a special price.

As a reminder, these pens and other items are specially turned for each order.  While they make excellent gifts, please allow 2-3 weeks lead time for each order.  As part of the continuing anniversary celebration, pens, Christmas ornaments, key chains, and oil lamps come with free shipping in the continental US. 

Be sure to check our web site for pictures of all the items built to date.


The work on picture frames is proceeding.  The frames I am working on will be built to allow an artist to slip their canvas into the frame and then hang it for display.  I will also work on a few smaller frames, ones that can be set on a desk and hold a standard size picture.  These initial frames will go for a more simple look, with clean lines and simple accents.  Look for these frames to appear later this summer. 

I still have a number of other items to add to my giftable product line. These not forgotten items include planters, cutting boards, storage boxes, shelves, as well as other home decorating items. While there is only so much time ion a day, keep watching this newsletter for information on these items as they are built.

If you have any additional product recommendations, send your suggestions to  Hopefully, we will be able to build many of these dream items in 2007.


As always, we like to thank you for reading my newsletter. If you have any suggestions on items you would like to see added to the newsletter, please let me know at

Until next month, stay well and enjoy.



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Last Updated: Saturday July 28 2007