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Brooks Woodworks Newsletter                                                                       January 2007 _____________________________________________________________________________________



Happy New Year! For many of us, January is the start of a new year. All of the holiday celebrating, gift giving, and feasting is now a pleasant memory. The kids have returned to school, while the adults return to their jobs. And, of course, there are those numerous New Year resolutions we make to improve our lives are in full swing.

January is a good month for change. The weather is cold and the outdoors less than inviting. The days are still short, and yet are beginning to lengthen. Tasks that were postponed during the end of the year can now be done. Old habits are shed, and new ones take form. In short, we have time to get things done.

January is also a good month for preparation. Spring will soon return, and with it everything begins to grow again. But January gives us time to prepare. We can plan our new projects and stock up on supplies while we wait. We can learn new skills to help with those new plans. We can also prepare for the most dreaded time of the year, yes Tax season has returned. Many of us will spend January (and longer) in preparation for just this season. As the old saying goes, into our lives some rain must fall.

In closing, we wish you much success in your resolutions, preparations and achievements for 2007.

Shop Notes

The wall bed was completed and delivered in December 2006. The queen size bed provides its owner with a bed for guests, and folds up to open up the bedroom when not in use. The owner (our local artist) asked the bed be left unfinished so they could decorate it. Be sure to check our web site later this week for pictures of the unfinished version of the wall bed.

The Oak and Oak Plywood entry bench was completed in January 2007. This bench features nice storage space and solid oak raised panels. It has a Mission style look, with slightly rounded back and arms to soften edges. Pictures of this bench will be posted later this week.

Our first project for 2007 will be an Artist Painting stand for our local artist. Currently in the design phase, this stand will feature adjustable easel and separate supply table. Work is scheduled to begin later this month.

Looking ahead in 2007, we will be making an Adirondack chair, as well as a few different tables. Details about these projects will appear in this newsletter as they begin.


Our latest products additions are the wall bed and entry bench mentioned above.

We are also working on a line of gift related items to introduce in the spring of 2007.

In the meantime, be sure to check our web site for pictures of all the items built to date.


We have heard from a few people there are several additional items they would like to see. Besides planters and cutting boards, people are also looking for boxes, book stands and other items for gift-giving. During the next few weeks, we will work on a few different designs. Keep watching our newsletter for these exciting projects in the coming months.

If you have any new product recommendations, you can send them to Hopefully, we will be able to build some of these suggestions in 2007.


As always, we like to thank you for reading our newsletter. If you have any suggestions on items you would like to see added to the newsletter, please let us know at

Until next month, stay well and enjoy.



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Last Updated: Monday January 22, 2007