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February 2008 Newsletter

Brooks Woodworks Newsletter                                                                         February  2008 ________________________________________________________________________


February just doesn't get any respect.  First, it is the shortest month of the year.  Then every four years, we add another day to it.  How many other months are on a floating system?  And just think of the poor people born on February 29th.  On their first birthday, are they one or four?  If you were born on February 29th 1980, could you now be just 7 instead of 28?  As I said, February just doesn't get any respect.

In California, February does get a little respect when it comes to the weather.  Usually by Valentine's Day, the trees have started to bloom.  Shortly afterwards, some flowers and bushes are blooming as well.  This year we started with stormy weather, and the last day of the month was like a 70 degree spring day.  Where else can you start your car in the morning and use the heater, then use the air conditioner in the afternoon?  Ahh yes, winter is almost behind us. 

This month, work in the shop focused on completing the Franklin Chair, and the start of a bathroom wall cabinet.  This is another project that is using some of the extra wood around the shop.  One early lesson on wall cabinets, 3/4 inch plywood may be a bit much.  It will be sturdy, but hanging it will be a chore.  Wait, did somebody say something about no respect?

Shop Notes

February saw the building and completion of the Franklin Chair.  The chair, which is attributed to Ben Franklin, folds out to reveal a step ladder.  The chair is made of Pine, and finished with several coats of shellac to bring out the natural color.

At the end of the month, I also began working on a wall cabinet for a bathroom.  This cabinet is made of Oak, Poplar, and Oak plywood.  I will have pictures posted in time for next month's newsletter.

I am continuing to design the fireplace mantel that was mentioned last month.  In addition, with spring time approaching, it will be time to work on that Adirondack chair as well.  Somewhere along the way, some storage boxes and bookcases will happen as well.

As always, keep watching this newsletter for updates on all projects during 2008.


This month, the Franklin Chair was completed.

Be sure to check our web site for pictures of all the items built to date.


As noted in the shop projects, my initial plans for March likely will include a fireplace mantel.  There will also be some other projects that have not been scheduled yet.  These include a few smaller projects, such as DVD storage boxes, bookcases and such.  

If you have any additional product recommendations, send your suggestions to  Hopefully, I can build some of these dream items in 2008.


As always, we like to thank you for reading my newsletter. If you have any suggestions on items you would like to see added to the newsletter, please let me know at

Until next month, stay well and enjoy.



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Last Updated: Sunday March 2 2008