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Brooks Woodworks Newsletter                                                                       February 2007 _____________________________________________________________________________________



Ever notice that February is a confusing month? First, there is that whole thing about the little furry animal that tells us whether we will have an early spring or continued winter. It seems like no matter what is predicted, winter still lasts about 6 more weeks regardless. And then there is that whole thing about 28 or 29 days, depending on what year it is!

Of course in California, things are even more confusing. Generally, by Valentine’s day the almond, plums, and several other trees are already in bloom. Some days you when you walk outside it is sunny and almost spring-like. The next day, clouds and rain appear and winter is back in force.

Luckily, work in the shop is not quite so confusing. There is the lumber to cut, items to be assembled, and projects to complete. Yet, even when it is busy, there is still time to sneak a peak out the window and check the sky. Maybe, just maybe, the sun will shine and spring will arrive today.

Shop Notes

As noted in last month’s newsletter, the first project for 2007 is an Artist Painting stand for our local artist. While work has already begun, there are still design changes to make along the way. This is our first project without a well documented set of plans to work from, so every step has to be evaluated along the way. The basic design will feature two independently adjustable tables, one for supplies and the other serving as an adjustable easel. The base and leg supports have been completed, and work on the tables begin later this week. Next month’s newsletter will have updates on this project, which should be completed shortly.

We have also begun work on a print stand that is rumored to be a Frank Lloyd Wright design. The stand will require a few tricky steps, but should be finished in the next few weeks.

In addition, the next few projects will include some smaller items for household use. Look for more information below, and in next month’s newsletter.

Further out, we will be making an Adirondack chair, or two. There are also a few other pieces in the preliminary phase. Keep watching the newsletters for updates to our schedule.


We are beginning to compile the list of items for our line of gift related items to introduce in the spring of 2007. These will likely include items such as:
- small storage boxes
- candle holders
- book stands (desktop)
- place mats for pots
- cutting boards
- chess boards

Updates to follow in the next few newsletters.

In the meantime, be sure to check our web site for pictures of all the items built to date.


Do you have a product you would like to see us make?

If so, send your suggestions to Hopefully, we will be able to build some of these suggestions in 2007.


As always, we like to thank you for reading our newsletter. If you have any suggestions on items you would like to see added to the newsletter, please let us know at

Until next month, stay well and enjoy.



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Last Updated: Wednesday February 28, 2007