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Cutting Board

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This Cutting Board was completed on September 1 2007.

The Cutting Board is something that everyone needs in their kitchen.  Whether it is chopping up vegetables, slicing a ham, or simply for looks, a cutting board is always a pleasant sight in the kitchen.

This cutting board was designed to bring a little color into the kitchen, but not be distracting.  The board is made with alternating lengths of Maple and Purpleheart.  The entire board was sanded, and has five coatings of food safe mineral oil.  The mineral oil protects the wood, and brings a wonderful shine to the board when it is first coated.  Slowly, the oil penetrates the wood to provide color and long lasting protection.

It is important to note that wooden kitchen utensils should be hand washed in warm soapy water (not soaked), dried off, and re-coated with mineral oil on a periodic basis.  They should not be placed in an automatic dishwasher.  The high heat and long exposure to water will greatly shorten the life of wooden kitchen utensils.  Following these procedures, your wooden cutting board will provide many years of service and maintain its looks.

Last Updated: December 1 2011