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This Artist Painting Table was completed April 5 2007.

This piece was made of solid Red Oak, with Oak Plywood used for the table tops.  The accent wood on the corners is Purple Heart.   The base has locking caster wheels that keep it from moving while in use, or allow it to be easily moved to another location when finished. 

The tables are height adjustable up to 40 inches tall, independent of each other.  The easel table can be slanted between 0 and 90 degrees to allow for a comfortable painting surface.  The supply table is fixed.

The Artist Painting Table was finished with three coats of a polyurethane finish only, no staining used.    

This table is being used by a local artist to paint various portraits and still-lifes.   

You can see additional pictures of the painting table in the
Photo Gallery.

Last Updated: December 1 2011